Providing precision manufacturing through strategic partnerships

UHP Machine

UHP Machining

WS Associates’ manufacturing partners specialize in ultra-high purity machining, dealing both with stainless steel and exotic materials.

UHP Machined Products
UHP Machined Products
UHP Machining
Ultra High Purity Machining

WS Associates meets the exacting standards of the semiconductor industry, both in the US and worldwide. Our manufacturers work with ultra-high purity metals (VimVar/Var) used in the semiconductor and medical instrumentation industries and our skills include mechanical sub-assembly as well as precision tig orbital welding.

The facilities use volume production procedures such as citric passivation, electropolishing and abrasive flow, to ensure high purity requirements are met.

As a leading supplier of ultra-high purity machining, the company offers engineering development capabilities, serving customer needs from prototype to production quantities. In addition, WS Associates’ partner’s state-of-the-art manufacturing is capable of meeting your surface finish requirements for <5 Ra finishes, >3:1 Cr/Fe Ratios, and other specifications for Ultra High Purity components.

Our Partners class 100 Cleanroom final inspection and packaging is constantly monitored using particle counters to assure the highest quality components.

WS Associates has offered high-quality machining and turning services to customers since 1970. Our facilities are free of ozone depleting chemicals (ODC). Capable of manufacturing production quantities of complex tight tolerance products, WS Associates strives to incorporate the latest and best in technology while maintaining traditional values to customer service.

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