Providing precision manufacturing through strategic partnerships


WS Associates fills industry manufacturing needs — from machining to metal stamping, injection molding to assembly — with the best quality, pricing and service. Trusted and respected for over 30 years, we represent the most reputable and talented machine shops worldwide.


WS Associates develops and provides advanced solutions to the global manufac­turing industry, managing complex programs of services and materials.
CNC Machine
CNC Machining

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Screw Machining
Screw Machine
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UHP Machine
UHP Machining

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Extrude Hone
Extrude Honing

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Wire Cut EDM
Wire EDM Machining

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Orbital Weld
Orbital Welding
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Metal Stamp
Metal Stamping
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Sheet Metal
Sheet Metal
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We welcome the most challenging and demanding projects as an opportunity to showcase superior equipment and ability from prototype to production.

Examples of Manufactured Parts

Quality Control

WS Associates uses ISO compliant facilities and lean manufacturers that ship to stock, practice KanBan production, and offer just-in-time delivery.


Cost Reduction of an Existing CNC Machined Component

This customer has a successful product that is sold to the medical industry and they wished to market the product in a more cost-sensitive industrial market. This customer asked WS Associates to bid on the manufacture of one particular component that is manufactured from CNC machined 316 stainless steel and

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We protect the environment

Our business is guided by active environmental commitment where our goal is long-term sustainable development. We work actively to ensure that the business has the smallest possible environmental impact. In order to implement this, we always strive to prevent and attack problems at the source and obtain the highest level of caution through good planning.