Providing precision manufacturing through strategic partnerships


UHP Manufacturing

The leader in high purity stainless machining.

UHP Manufactured Components
Ultra High Purity Components

WS Associates’ partner is a full service manufacturer of high purity components, fittings, custom products and assemblies in the United States and Mexico.

Our partner has specialized in production manufacturing and is skilled at meeting very detailed surface finished requirements. Facilities are state of the art and houses many advanced technologies and processes, including:

  • Class 100 cleanrooms
  • Sophisticated CNC Milling and Turning Centers
  • Cleanroom test and assembly facilities
  • High purity welding
  • KANBAN / lean manufacturing
  • Dedicated manufacturing Cells
  • Supply management programs
  • ISO compliant
  • Test Reports
  • AES surface composition
  • Depth profile
  • Surface morphology and SEM
  • ESCA results
  • Ionic contamination
  • Surface roughness
  • VCR hardness
  • C-seal hardness

Providing exceptional service to the semiconductor industry, our partners exceed semiconductor standards worldwide – above and beyond the competition.

WS Associates’ partners specialize in manufacturing repeatability so that every product – from the first to the last – surpasses the customer’s expectations.