Providing precision manufacturing through strategic partnerships


Quality and Delivery

WS Associates uses ISO compliant facilities and lean manufacturers that ship to stock, practice KanBan production, and offers just-in-time delivery.

Expert QC engineers on staff
Our manufacturing centers have expert engineers on site.

Our manufacturing centers have mechanical and developmental engineering staff on site who are experts and who know the questions to ask before production begins.

Our manufacturers troubleshoot problems and eliminate surprises as a workpiece progresses through a shop, adding value to the finished product. Errors are eliminated early in the process so that they do not significantly affect subsequent operations – and cost.

WS Associates facilities have the know-how and experience to manage your production or engineering job and bring it to completion without needing correction.

We offer expert engineering assistance in developing your part and will suggest changes and manufacturing possibilities designed to optimize cost and productivity.

With turnkey mechanical assembly capabilities, and process controls we are able to assure exacting repeatability, so that every piece – from the first piece to the last – meets quality control specifications.