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About The Company

Since 1970, WS Associates has served the precision manufacturing needs of a variety of industries.

WS Associates Serving Industry Since 1970
WS Associates Serving Industry Since 1970

Today, with developing technologies rapidly changing the machining industry, we keep up-to-date with the latest improvements so that we meet our customers’ exacting expectations.

And as product complexity imposes even greater demands on manufacturing capabilities, we support state-of-the-art manufacturing by identifying and using the most cost-effective and most time-efficient manufacturing procedures. Our skilled technicians and engineers are experts at meeting precise measurements and tolerances, using the most advanced equipment and processes, and working with a diversity of materials. Moreover, we have the technical knowledge and experience to make sure every job runs smoothly — and without errors.

From prototype to production quantities, we specialize in fast turnaround, competitive pricing, and quality service. We pride ourselves not only on meeting customer needs, but also developing long-term customer relationships based on reliability, quality, and service. It’s this commitment to our customers, our service to them, and their satisfaction that makes us different from the others